How to Ride

How to Ride

Freedom Transit - How To Ride

Ride Freedom Transit for FREE w/proof of purchase (As of March 1, 2014)

Park your car once and hop onboard the historic trolley or bus and ride with us to the National Gettysburg Military Park Museum & Visitor Center, The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg, museums, restaurants, hotels & motels and more to make your visit an enjoyable one. Ride FREE with NPS proof of purchase or a $1.00 per ride. See Fares & Passes section for details. 

Three Main Routes:

There are three main bus routes that navigate throughout the Gettysburg area: Blue Line, Gray Line and Lincoln Line(s). You may transfer from one bus to another at our Gettysburg Transit Center at 103 Carlisle Street.

Each route has a regular schedule to help you determine when the bus will be departing from various timepoints along the route.

Catching the Bus:

To catch the bus or trolley, look for a Freedom Transit bus stop sign. Stand beside the sign and the bus will arrive to pick you up.

Flag the bus down! If no bus stop signs are nearby, you can flag the bus driver down anywhere on the route that’s safe for the driver to pull over. Be sure to stand on the correct side of the road.

Read the electronic signs on the front or side of the bus — they tell you the route name and where it’s headed, If you’re not sure, just ask the driver!

Getting on the Bus:

When the bus arrives, please allow any passengers to exit before you board. Once on the bus, have your exact fare or ride pass card ready. 

Ride FREE with proof of purchase or a $1.00 per ride. Please see the Fares & Passes section for applicable fare rates. If a fare is required, please insert your money into the farebox next to the driver or present your ride pass card or proof of purchase to the driver. Remember, drivers don't carry cash and cannot make change. 

If there is an empty seat, please take it. If you must stand, hold on to a hand rail or post. Please remember the front seats are reserved for our senior citizens and passengers with disabilities.

Leaving the Bus:

As you’re riding, pay attention and watch for your stop. About a block before your stop, let the driver know you want to depart by pressing the rubber strip below the windows. If you don't know the area, ask the driver to let you know when nearing your stop.

Remember to always check for traffic when exiting. Traffic doesn't stop for our buses like it does for a school bus, so never cross in front of the bus!

Transit Center:

Adjacent to the Historic Lincoln Train Station, the Gettysburg Transit Center serves as the transportation hub for Freedom Transit. Open daily from 10AM – 5PM, this center offers visitor information and public restroom facilities.

Riders with Disabilities:

All buses are wheelchair accessible. Call 1-800-632-9063 for more information on special services for riders with disabilities.

Freedom Transit, a division of rabbittransit, provides public transportation which serves the Gettysburg area

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