Disabled – Half Fare

Disabled – Half Fare

Disabled – Half Fare

Reduced Fare    $0.80 


A Medicare card is sufficient proof for eligibility for the Federal Half Fare program.

Passengers with a disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, may be entitled to a Pennsylvania Reduced-Fare Transit Identification Card to ride regular fixed route buses for one-half the regular adult fare. Passengers may bring their Medicare card to rabbittransit's office to receive their identification card. If you do not possess a Medicare card, you may request to have an application mailed to you. A doctor will need to sign the application to verify your disability. Once this is done, you may either mail the completed application to rabbittransit or return it in person and a Reduced Fare Transit Identification Card will be issued to you.

Passengers over 65 may also use their Medicare Card to ride for half fare, however rabbittransit encourages them to apply for the free fare card and ride for free.

The Half Fare Program does not apply to passes for the fixed route service or rabbitEXPRESS.


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